SofGrass™ synthetic grass is the best solution for easy home landscaping and maintenance.

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly and looks, and feels, like real grass!


When it comes to lawn replacement SofGrass™ provides the most realistic looking and maintenance free synthetic lawn turf on the market, ideal for residential and commercial applications alike.

Our exclusive monofilament and dual blade polyethylene fiber technology replicates individual grass blades with unparalleled realism.

Each product we provide is designed to withstand the toughest climates and the most demanding sporting applications.

As both an artificial grass supplier and installation service company, Backyard Greens can provide synthetic turf products for do-it-yourselfers and contractors, as well as complete turn-key installations by our team of certified installers.

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Homeowners and residential contractors alike have realized the money saving potential synthetic grass lawns have to offer. Imagine never having to water, weed, or mow your lawn again!

What make SofGrass different from other synthetic turf choices is that we use a monofilament fiber for SofGrass that is exclusively supplied to us through the largest sports turf fiber manufacturer in the world. This fiber has a heavier denier (density) and thicker mill (thickness) than other similar fiber, and does not have to be busted up or shredded to look like individual grass blades.

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