When you're not there to catch them...SofPlay will.

Each year approximately 205,860 preschool and elementary children receive emergency department care for injuries that occur on playground.

The most important part of a playground is what's underneath it; a child's safety depends on the right surfacing.

Playgrounds are not only fun but they help children develop motor skills, coordination, imagination, confidence, and social skills. It's easy to forget all these benefits when a child gets hurt from a fall off playground equipment.

SofPlay™ is a unique playground and surfacing product designed for safety as well as beautification around play areas.  SofPlay™ integrates the SofPad™ shock and drainage pad that provides shock absorption and impact protection from falls, the most common source of serious injuries related to playground activities. SofPlay™ features SofFill™ infill, a completely anti-microbial environment that creates a long-lasting healthy environment for your child’s play.

Study the SofPlay™ fall protection system and you will see why the SofPlay™ System is what children deserve in playground safety.

“Our children (5 & 3 yrs. old) love their new SofPlay™ Safety Surface.  It’s soft grass and its deep green color makes our backyard look great even in winter. Our SofPlay™ surface is the envy of our neighborhood.”
Kent & Melissa Morey

“SofPlay is perfect! The parents in our congregation with small children rave about it and kids just love it. It is beautiful and so much cleaner than other surfacing so the kids can roll around and wrestle on it without concern.We questioned whether it was really needed before we purchased it but, in hindsight, it was a great investment.”
Robb Hodson, Pastor Lamar Baptist Church

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